Where’s Santa Claus today on earth? Oh sure, create an elf search for you. You did not find where Santa had been in this picture right ? Yes that you — right now! The one which demonstrates that Santa Claus is at his office searching for his glasses. If you come back to the page in a couple of minutes I will bet he will be someplace else, simply to make me look ridiculous! See, you left an elf more grumpy! Where’s Santa Claus on a map today? Oh, you’re so ridiculous! Santa is not on a map. He’s in his office searching for his glasses! So he could realize that map you thought that he stood on, he was searching for his glasses! Like Finding Nemo, do you mean?

I’d inform you Santa is at his office but I’m wondering whether Bruce the Shark has been on the North Pole! What’s the address for Santa Claus? Well, let us see. At the moment, he’s in his office searching for his glasses. That can move. But, yes, I believe his speech is obviously The North Pole! Did you lose him! For a grumpy old elf I sleigh me! Oh, I did it ! I’d inform you Santa is at his office but I’m laughing too hard! Is this one of the Where’s Wally games or Where’s Waldo? I could be an elf however I like to play matches, such as tracking Santa! Where’s Father Christmas at this time? I can not let you know in which Father Christmas is right today when he will not stop going! For more https://application-partners.com/keylogger/how-to-use-router-to-monitor-which-websites-are-visited/

What about the NORAD Santa Tracker? Why does not NORAD ever wish to monitor me? Sure there is a NORAD Santa Tracker for children, but will there be a NORAD Santa Tracker for elves! Can it be because I’m so blessed! I’m just happy they do not monitor Santa EVERY moment of each day of the year! Now THAT may be embarrassing! What’s Santa doing at this time? I really don’t understand exactly what Santa is doing but it certainly could be bizarre when he had been monitoring himself around the Santa Tracker! Are there any Santa Updates? Don’t you enjoy Santa Claus how he is? I really don’t know if Santa 2.0 is better than Santa 1.0.