A person’s gender identity or/and gender expression differs from sex, they were born with and are defined as a transgender. The term transgender covers many gender identities. They may or may not opt to –

  • Change their physical appearance

  • Undergo surgery or surgeries

  • Use hormone therapy from a doctor to start a transition

Being transgender does not mean you need to depend on your appearance or undergo medical procedures. It means that the gender identity of the person is not steady with their birth sex assignment. They have the freedom to express themselves in terms of appearance and behavior.

When you look at the list of Trans escort on Lovesita.com, there will be different types you will read about. Shemale in the City of Love can be of two kinds.

  1. Pre-op transsexual – Already living in a female gender full time, but hasn’t had GRS or SRS [bottom surgery].

  2. Post-op transsexual – Already completed the GRS surgery and is enjoying a full-time female life.

The postop transsexual escorts have evolved into a well-balanced transgender woman. They are past the drama connected with being a transgender.

What is a crossdresser?

A crossdresser is a man, who chooses to wear female clothes, makeup, and accessories. A crossdresser is not associated with gender identity but is a kind of gender expression. Some crossdressers publicly share their skills with similarly evolved trans-females. They socialize or go to dinner or enjoy shopping with Trans girls. A few fear support from family or friends or society, they do it privately. They feel they can never pass easily in the public.

There is fetish crossdresser, who get sexually aroused with crossdressing. Crossdressers are recognized as the healthy and well-balanced members of Tran’s community.

Man, when dressed as a woman is assumed to be of only two categories – the Trans woman or with some kinky sex thing. However, there is a third category, where the crossdressers, who are comfortable to be a man but have a distinctive feminine side, the feel the necessity to express. You can call them straight crossdressers.

A transsexual and crossdresser belong to the transgender community. They are born with an urge to express sex opposite their biological birth identity. The strongest desire of a transsexual person is to lead a full-time life of a female, so they change their gender. Alternatively, a crossdresser represents a female on a part-time basis. They maintain a kind of comfort balance between both genders.

Challenge for acceptance

Both transgender and crossdressers have been in shadows for years. They fear of going visible, so remain closeted. Today, the transgender community has fought their way and come out. The first step towards acceptance and visibility is that the person has to accept themselves being a crossdresser or a transgender first. It will help others get familiar with them and generally develop a comfortable relationship with them.

When you go out with a Tran’s escort make sure to be polite and respectful. Learn the etiquettes on how to make a Trans escort feel comfortable!