Users are ranked according to how the community values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir contributions. His reputation shows how much engagement they generate and how active they are, but it is not an indication if he is a good trader or educator.

The Right Choices

Most of the review does not review, verify or guarantee third party services promoted on its site. Therefore, it is up to you to exercise due diligence before committing to a course or training. Go to the member’s profile and use our playback feature on the last 100 ideas to see how they went. Request course details for evaluation or ask previous students about their experiences. Realize that even with good training, it will take months of practice and a lot of dedication before you can be consistently profitable if you are talented. There is no magic pill. So make an assessment of the course or educator so as not to have an unrealistic expectation in the future. Be smart. When it comes to the StsRoyal review then it is for sure that you will be able to have the best deals.

Don’t try popular ideas with real money, expecting easy profits

No matter how many people like an idea, no matter how confident the author may appear, or how classified this person is, there is no guarantee that the idea will be executed as intended. So don’t put your money at risk by copying someone else’s idea unless you have personally reviewed it and it fits your strategy.

Image result for forex tradingThe Finest Methods in the Finest User Process in Trading

If you have no strategy to start with then no idea will help you and you should not risk your money. Someone else’s view should never be used as a substitute for your own analysis before making decisions. TradingView has a large repository of ideas for review to help you develop and improve your own strategy. But don’t confuse popularity with certainty and avoid risking money by copying popular ideas as if their authors could see the future for sure. You may earn some, but over the long run you will lose money. Be smart!