Learning poker is very easy, but mastering it is very difficult. You can learn the rules of online poker in the few minutes, but use those learningin winning and making your bottom-line positive takes time. Amateurs make several mistakes in series and ultimately kill their passion to lay the game. It is better to know about those mistakes so that you could avoid them while foraying into the online poker space of fun and fund.

Here are some of the common errors that most of the poker players make while playing online poker:

  • Playing Too Many Hands

As a beginner, you get tempted by a passion to play maximum hands in hope of making big. This classical blunder of playing too many hands not only reduce the height of chips but puts you under undue stress to commit bigger blunders. Playing maximum hands give you the pleasure and some occasional wins, but in the long run you ultimately you lose your money.

  • Playing to Compensate

Once you are on back-foot, you try to compensate by playing your premium cards. This spoils your chance to remain in the game further. If you want to be a good player, you have to learn the art of reading the mood of the table and some smart layers as well.It takes time to learn the art, but quicker, you are, the better it is as you will be in a better position to exploit the condition in your favor.

  • Over-excitement With Hands

In the early days, it is very natural to get excited by seeing the half baked cake, meaning you start reflecting your strong cards on your face. If you want to make big you have to hide your emotions. You need to get better with your cards for the killer move. Read your table before giving due weight to your hand. One mistake, and all your chips are gone. So, take your time and move with calculation.

  • Position Matters

Most of the new players ignore the importance of position while playing online poker. Position means your’ sitting position relative to the button. You have to learn to use your position in your strategy to go conservative and/or open so that you could play your strong hand accordingly to set the game.

  • Variety Play

Predictability is considered a sin in online poker. If your moves are easy to guess means you are handing over the key of your locker to someone with all details. The best way to avoid such situation is to learn the art of hiding emotion and play with variety.

  • Bad Bankroll Management

You, like everyone else, are on a poker table to earn and that too with a limited supply of money. Affordability is the key to becoming an earning player. You have to learn the art of bankroll management if you want to earn big in online poker. There is no room of poor management, as this will erode your savings beyond recovery.

  • Emotional Control

Poker is all about intellectual and emotional intelligence. If you are weak in either of the aspects it is going to be very tough to save money. You simply cannot share your emotion for free. If you start giving cues about your cards and strategy, your opponents are smart enough to leverage the position and force you to exit the game.

  • Bet Sizing Exposed

Betting size gives string cues about your poker skills. If you don’t balance your betting, it simply means you are a big fish to catch. You will get more than enough bets to get trapped and in the process, you will lose all your balance. So, if nothing works follow the rule of average to at least hide your hands.

Maintain a good distance with these common errors while playing online poker

  • Avoid Bluffs

If you are new in the game download aplikasi poker, simply stop bluffing. You need to be very smart with your hand and emotions to play a successful bluff. Learn the game first, play to fundamentals and then when you have enough strength to exploit the situation play the art of bluffing.

Now you know where most of the new players make blunders and lose money. Frankly, all pros wait for the big fish to catch. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be big fish or not. Keep the common mistakes in mind while playing online poker and master the art.