Surely you have heard many times about the hardness of the water. Based on the point of the country, there will be harder or softer waters. For hard water, it can affect the performance and useful life of household appliances. Let’s see how.

Hard Water And Soft Water: Features

Water hardness is the concretion of minerals that exist in water, especially magnesium and calcium salts. Thus, according to their concentration, they can be classified into several types:

  • Soft water: contain less than 150 mg / l calcium carbonate.
  • The middle waters: they are composed of between 150 – 200 mg / l of calcium carbonate.
  • Hard water: composed of between 200 and 400 mg / l calcium carbonate.

As we have seen, the harder the water is, the more minerals it contains and, therefore, it transports more lime. This has negative consequences:

  • The taste of tap water is worse. The hardness is capable of modifying the taste through the concentration of the minerals it carries.
  • It can cause skin problems. Lime in continuous contact with the skin causes dryness and irritability in the skin as well as clogging in the pores. It also dries the hair.
  • Pipe obstruction. Lime builds up in the pipes reducing its diameter, and as a result, the pressure is lost.
  • Damage to the performance of household appliances that can hamper its operation and reduce its useful life.

What Consequences Does Hard Water Have On Appliances?

Hard water lime has specific consequences on different appliances that must be taken into account so that their risks are lower.

In The Washing Machine

The main problem with washing machines that run on hard water is that they will require more detergent to work. This type of water, given its characteristics, has a harder time foaming, so it needs more soap. The components of this type of water cause the clothes to fade and end up breaking the tissues.

The solution can often be the use of antical products, although it is an extra cost. Therefore, the installation of a whole house water softener is the best remedy.

In The Dishwasher

An excess of lime caused by hard water will cause the glassware to come out white. The same thing happens in the washing machine, it needs more soap to work, and this increases the economic cost. Likewise, water lime can accumulate in the pipes thereby, causing a less water pressure or a dishwasher breakdown.To avoid white vessels, the use of salt is a very effective remedy that softens the water.

Hard Water Affect Appliances

In The Boilers And Thermos

Water heaters also notice the negative effect of hard water. If we use water purification systems that eliminates the minerals that cause lime, the boilers and the thermos will send a whiter and less rough water to the appliances so that their operation is better and there is no breakdown.

In The Coffee Maker

Water quality is essential for good coffee. If the water we use for the coffee maker is hard, it can cause breakdowns in the machine, and even affect the taste of the coffee itself. That is why there must be no remains of lime inside. To do this, you have to descale the coffee maker often.